About Me

I have had a passion for art from a young age. I picked up a pencil when I was around 5, and I have never stopped sketching since. In high school, I started taking graphic design courses, where I learned some of the basics of commercial art.design and illustration services in Coconut Creek fine art painting and prints 

One month after my high school graduation, I joined the United States Marine Corps, where I served for four years. Being in the Corps, I learned what true dedication, loyalty and commitment really meant.

Immediately after serving my 4 years, I decided I would go to school for Graphic Design.  In 1999, I started my first Design job for Vutec Corporation. I created catalogs that received awards for revolutionizing the industry. In 2001 I was hired by Atico International, a Global Sourcing company as an illustrator doing product development. After working there for five years, I was promoted to Assistant Art Director, where I continued doing artwork for product development and packaging, but was also overseeing the illustration side of the department.

In 2012, my son was born with many complications. And if it weren't for God's mercy, my son would not be alive today. He had a tracheostomy, and came home on a ventilator and oxygen, so I had to start working from home. I have quite a few clients, without any form of advertising, just ex-coworkers that know my dedication and skill.

Now I am happy to say, my son is doing excellent, and there is nothing better than being able to work and be here to see him improve and excel daily.